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VFC was first launched to the forensic community in 2007. It is the original virtualisation solution for the forensic investigator.

VFC saves crucial time by enabling an investigator to recreate and interact with the “digital crime scene” within a matter of seconds!

VFC enables the Investigator to see the digital data through your suspect’s eyes!

Quick Overview & New Features

VFC Mount – our own proprietary, complimentary mount tool - to help speed up the process of mounting forensic images and to remove any issues associated with mounting drives with incorrect settings.

VFC also gives quick access to popular mounting tools such as FTK Imager and Mount Image Pro via the newly added quick-launch buttons in the program footer

Generic Password Reset (GPR) with LIVE ID Exploit - this powerful new feature works by injecting a proprietary VFC component directly into the VM that allows you to easily reset a Windows user account password or open a powerful system-level Command Prompt. Unlike the legacy Password Bypass (PWB) feature, online (“Live ID”) accounts are also supported.

Launch VFC from existing Forensic Software - Command Line Integration (CLI)
CLI enables integration with major forensic analysis tools (VFC comes supplied with an EnScript & XWF X-Tension plugins to launch VFC from within EnCase & X-Ways Forensics (Further forensic software integration to follow)).

VFC continues to work with mounted forensic images and write-blocked physical drives
VFC5 brings enhanced OS support and now supports over 2,000 discrete Windows builds for Password Bypass. With efficiency savings made throughout the entire VFC process, it’s lighter, faster, more powerful and more integrated than ever before.

VFC makes the preparation and presentation of powerful visual evidence easier than ever!


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